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C.I.E.Chromaticity Diagram For Optoelectronic Displays

C.I.E.Chromaticity Diagram For Optoelectronic Displays

C.I.E. Chromaticity Diagram for Optoelectronic Displays

Optoelectronic Displays inlcude 7 segment led displays,numeric led displays,alphanumeric led displays,dot matrix led displays, led lamps,smd leds, led light bars, led bar gradh arrays,led backlights,lcd displays and so on .
Emitting colours mainly available in red,blue,yellow(amber),yellow green,pure green,pure white and orange.
For all Optoelectronic Displays,Customer can choose any colour they want .

Emitting Colour              Wavelength Range(nm)    
Yellow Green                 569-574                               
Pure Green                    510-535
High bright Red             640-650
Super bright Red           630-640
Ultra Bright Red             620-630
Amber                             585-592
Blue                                460-475